“Our start-up company had worked with several community managers before meeting Amy and it was always a struggle to get the right content and message across to the writers.  With Amy, she comes up with the majority of ideas and any ideas we provide, she is quick to pick up and adapt to.

-Dr. Madeline Smit, Founder CEO, Turo´ Park Medical and Dental Center

“Amy has a unique combination of clinical knowledge, strong writing skills and a solid understanding of health literacy principles. In my time working with her, she demonstrated her commitment to providing clinically accurate information in a way that was accessible to all patients.”

-Ellie F., MaineHealth Department of Education and Training


“Amy has presented on several medical topics for our large group of clinicians, keeping them up to date and practicing based on the latest evidence.  She was easy to work with, listened to what we needed, and delivered high-quality presentations every time, earning rave reviews from clinicians. I highly recommend her!”

-Stephanie S., Planned Parenthood

“Amy exhibits confidence, professionalism and is an excellent relationship builder:  respectful, clear and positive in her communication. She is a creative writer whose medical and clinical experience helped build empowerment, knowledge, and community, across cultures.”

-Claudette N., Founder, In Her Presence NGO