Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Menstrual 🍶

The Lancet recently published the first systematic international review of menstrual cup safety and usage and it’s all good news for these little medical-grade silicone cups.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch:

  1. You will save money.

One cup costs less than what most of us spend per month on tampons and pads (30 USD) and can last you up to 10 years according to some manufacturers.

2. Menstrual cups reduce waste.

No plastic applicators, no wrappers, no chemical byproducts from production and no bio-waste from disposable menstrual products.

3. Effective protection for any amount of flow.

They do not leak any more than tampons or pads (Lancet study).

No need to have an entire bathroom cabinet full of different sizes of tampons and pads.

4. More compact, portable and easy to travel with than a week’s supply of tampons or pads.

5. Fewer trips to the bathroom.

Most women with regular flow can wear a cup for 12 hours without having to empty it. Menstrual cups hold up to 5 times the amount of liquid that regular tampons can.

6. No increased risk for vaginal infections.

The chemicals and materials in commercial menstrual products may increase the risk for yeast, bacterial infections and

7. You can reduce your exposure to chemicals.

Pads and tampons contain plastic, dioxins, antimicrobials, rayon particles, and other materials that cause irritation of your vaginal skin and vulva.

8. You can still have privacy.

If you wash your hands and grab a paper towel dampened with water, you can then empty and wipe out your menstrual cup in the privacy of your own stall in a public bathroom.

9. They don’t dry you out or increase your risk for infections. (Lancet study)

Menstrual cups leave the vaginal “ecosystem” intact without changing its balance of moisture, bacteria or pH (acidity).

10. You can help other girls and women.

Several menstrual cup manufacturers offer one-for-one programs (like TOMS shoes), and will donate a menstrual cups or contribute to charity foundations supporting women’s health and the environment. You can read about the options at Put A Cup On It.

It is time to start talking up menstrual cups to all of the women, girls, and transgender friends in your life. While menstrual cups are a safe and effective solution for “period poverty” and the “burden of menstruation,” they may not be available to women who need them most.

Maybe with greater financial success and public pressure, some of the producers of menstrual cups will donate more menstrual cups to women living in prisons, refugee camps, or poorer areas of the world with a scarcity of menstrual products or access to sanitation.

Do you use a menstrual cup? Would you encourage your daughter or your patients to use a menstrual cup? If no, tell us why in the comments below.


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