Experience in health education, technical writing and health literacy

During my time working as a certified nurse midwife, I saw how taking the time to teach my patients about their own health, empowered them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.  I moved back to the public health sphere, collaborating with doctors, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations to develop effective, compelling, and informative health content, training videos, presentations, and patient education materials.



Hello, I'm Amy. Welcome to Well Scripted.

I founded Well Scripted after my education, life experiences, and a little bit of happenstance brought me to a crossroads in my life and career.  I am a nurse, midwife, fitness enthusiast, parent, and lover of adventure, especially when it is outdoors.


Living abroad as an expat and having to navigate a foreign health care system in a different language showed me first-hand the importance of health literacy. 


I bring to Well Scripted:


A background in science, writing, and healthcare.

  • A Master’s of Science in Maternal and Child Health from Harvard School of Public Health

  • A Nursing Degree and Certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from Yale University’s School of Nursing and Boston University School of Public Health

  • More than a decade of experience working in a variety of healthcare settings:  birth centers, reproductive health clinics, hospitals, and private OB/GYN practices, providing hands-on patient care to women and their families


Experience in health education, technical writing, health literacy and blogging.

  • Employment in public and private public health organizations, writing grant applications, policy briefs, and designing curriculums

  • Worked as a Health Educator in a major healthcare system, collaborating with doctors, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations to develop effective online health content, training videos, presentations, and patient education materials

  • Proven successful record of writing SEO-focused blogs and patient newsletters for international companies and multilingual medical practices


Well Scripted's goal is to:

  • Help health and wellness professionals, medical practices, and healthcare systems world-wide better communicate

  • Improve client and patient health and wellness

  • Grow businesses through client empowerment and increased health literacy

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

At Well Scripted, we want to help you better communicate about health and wellness by:

  • Producing thoroughly-researched, up-to-date content written to maximize social media and online presence

  • Designing and writing effective and clear patient education materials

  •  Developing health education curriculum and training materials for healthcare professionals, business teams, and community organizations


Contact Well Scripted today to help make sense of how to grow your business through better communication with your target audience.